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What is Rosie's Garage?

Rosie’s Garage, is a nationally recognized after-school tutoring program of La Habra Neighborhood Housing Services started in 1990 by Rosie Espinoza because of her concern for the growing gang activity and low educational attainment of children in her neighborhood. Rosie’s Garage has helped to:

* Improve grade averages of participating students.
* Improve students’ attitude towards school and themselves.
* Involve parents in their children’s education and schools.
* Build a sense of community and decrease crime and gang activity in the local neighborhoods.

Program evaluations show that students tutored at Rosie’s Garage on average increased their abilities in writing by 2.1 grade levels and 2.9 grade levels in math. The program has been so successful that it has earned national recognition from CBS Evening News and the Presidents Points of Light Volunteer Award.

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Rosies Garage   The Mission of Rosie's Garage, Inc. is to provide a safe place: To reach and motivate at risk and underprivileged children; To make a difference by breaking generational poverty; Create a society of productive citizens; Encourage independence and responsibility by instilling confidence, hope and a love of learning, because every child deserves to learn and succeed.
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